No one likes a smart-ass (10021) wrote in mister_manners,
No one likes a smart-ass

Are apologies to be automatically accepted?

Dear Mr. Manners,

I've recently been the victim of some unpleasantness at work. Some co-workers made false accusations behind my back, which got back to me via my manager. Apart from the sting of hurt feelings, this potentially could have been career-limiting. Fortunately for me, other co-workers were there and made sure to let my manager know the truth. I'm not certain, but there's a distinct possibility that these offenders will be directed to apologize to me.

I know that as regards my career in this company, I need to verbally accept any apology that they might proffer. However, knowing that it's not sincere, I have trouble accepting the apology it in my heart. Please give me some guidance on how to handle the situation gracefully.


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