katiekins (badkitty1782) wrote in mister_manners,

Dear Mister Manners,

Recently a friend and I agreed to exchange gifts. We didn't set a price and, while we don't know each other too well (mostly online, although we've hung out a couple of times), I figured that since we're both adults in our early 20s making more than minimum wage that we'd at least go for $15 or 20. I got a little eBay happy and found some good bargains on some things I thought she'd like. I figured that splurging a bit could make up for her birthday . . . plus mine is 2 weeks after Christmas so I thought that perhaps she might get me something, as she said she would come to my party (if I have one). I'm a dumbass. ANYHOO . . .

Here's the deal-- I got her Christmas present to me in the mail the other day. It was from Border's Books through Amazon.com. By the looks of it (it was wrapped), I thought it was a calendar. Nope. It was a children's book about a cat. Not a non-fiction book about cats or a young adult book about cats. One for 5-8 year-olds, I think the back of it said. It was a cute story and I liked the art work . . . but I'm still rather befuddled.


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