Dr. Panzer-Morph, 'cleanser' of societal parasites (prolixfootle) wrote in mister_manners,
Dr. Panzer-Morph, 'cleanser' of societal parasites

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A Most Gracious Invitation

Welcome one and all to the very civilized world of Mr. Manners, where rudeness and inconsideration are thwarted with tact, diplomacy and sterling manners.

Mr. Manners is looking forward to sharing his unique brand of sardonic advice with those less versed in the intricacies of common courtesy.

Mr. Manners doesn’t claim to be a dogged adherent to the arcane intricacies of etiquette. Rather, a more common-sense approach to civility is preferred. So, if one is having difficulties with courteousness, they should feel free to query Mr. Manners. He will gladly, and to the best of his abilities, detail a polite and tactful resolution to the quandary.

A word of warning: Mr. Manner’s will always attempt to maintain proper decorum and an unflagging air of politeness. However, he has in his repertoire numerous favored devices for dealing with those less intimately acquainted with common courtesy, as well as those with a penchant for voicing the inane. Amongst these are sarcasm, humour and acerbic wit. Please keep this in mind when considering the veracity of his advice.
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