Brent Dill (ialdabaoth) wrote in mister_manners,
Brent Dill

Dear Mr. Manners,

I often find that people around me are operating without a full understanding of their actions, and that educating them on such topics as real psychology, physics, mathematics, or even simple cause-and-effect and object permanence would both greatly enhance their personal enjoyment of their lives, and keep them from making a mess in front of me that they don't know how to clean up, and that I must clean up in order to continue with *MY* day.

Unfortunately, attempting to explain these things to people plainly and succinctly often results in unmitigated hostility, as they take any attempt at education as a demonstration of their lack of intelligence. This confuses me, since if I thought they were stupid, I wouldn't be bothering with trying to educate them.

Likewise, attempting to explain these things to people in more 'polite' ways tends to obfuscate the meaning, to the point that they either stare dumbfounded and ask me what I mean, or assume I meant something different than I did and continue to not understand the situation. My choices then are to either clarify simply (see previous paragraph), or find another 'polite' way to explain myself (see current paragraph).

What should I do?
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