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Incessant yammering

Dear Mister Manners,

I recently travelled on the train in the UK. Now you probably don't know, but some years ago, the train company in question decided to designate a particular coach on each train a 'quiet' coach, where use of mobile phones, walkmen, and other noisy electronic devices is not allowed. This came about after many complaints about journeys ruined by people yapping on about 'being on the train' and infuriating ringtones echoing back and forth.

I happened to be booked into this coach, which I was rather pleased about. But not long into the journey, a phone rang further down the coach. Someone told the owner of it that this was the 'quiet coach', but he continued to talk. I thought that after being told, the least he could have done was to take his phone to the atrium outside the carriage to finish the conversation. The ticket inspector explained it to him when he passed and that was that. But later on, someone else's phone rang, and while the first one carried on his conversation reasonably quietly, this one was all giggles and squeals.

I was just ITCHING to get my own mobile to ring, and then yell into it 'Hello, I'm on the train, I'm in the quiet coach but I don't give a damn and I'm annoying everybody but wittering on inanely on my mobile.'

However, I'm not sure this would be the most polite thing to do, and it might not get me the desired outcome.

What do you advise?
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